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December 8th, 2009

Drat, DSL line is down. Second time this week. Usually it’s rock solid.

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Breaker One Nine, this here’s the Rubber Duck. Pig Pen, you got your ears on, good buddy?

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@pwbrewer I sure do see a lot of tweets about how great Apple’s repair service is. I’m sure their stuff breaks, too.

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email thread going around: “Google Wave and the sound of crickets”

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Wishing my good friend @atulshri a safe journey back home to India, and best wishes for the new beginnings that await him there.

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@RobertFischer But it’s not as bad as “Pen Island”, a place that sells promotional/advertising pens.

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@RobertFischer A friend worked for a startup, chose the name “Rights Exchange”. A few weeks after getting the domain, they changed it.

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@bobbyllew Is that like “How Stuff Works” books & web site? Wouldn’t Marshall Brain be a good #carpool guest! I’d be happy to introduce you.

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