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June 23rd, 2010

That collective coffee spit you just heard was Senate Reps thinking to themselves about the bills they can’t get heard in their own chamber.

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binker Blog Post: municipal broadband moratorium bill put into another bill (H 1840) during #ncga Senate Rules Committee

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Apparently, “4:30” is the new “5:00”.

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Wow, the shot heard ‘round the world! The cafeteria at work just erupted into cheers as the US scored against Algeria.

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@5x5 Wish I could… but this time, it’s Goodbye with a capital G.

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Today, we say goodbye to our friend Tracy James McNeely. He was a traveler, a sportsman, a tech professional, and the life of the party.

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doctorow US IP Czar sucks up to Hollywood, sells the rest of us out…

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