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June 28th, 2010

This new 2010 penny (tails side) doesn’t look very “money-like”.

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Supreme Court rejects Bilski case - “unpatentability of abstract ideas”.

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faraichideya Do you care about the #OilSpill, but need more info on what’s being done? Live stream: Til 7pm #oilspill

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Saw a cute baby bunny in the front yard this AM. Tried to take a picture, but iphone photo app / iOS4 locked up. Had to hard-reset. D’oh!

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LinuxBlog New Blog Post: Things I can do before Windows Boots: (http://preview.tinyurl.c…) I forgot to add, make a cup of tea.

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@CaliLewis Notes can now be stored on the phone or on an IMAP mail server. Make sure you’re looking at “all”.

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“Office fitness”… please, if it gets so bad that I need this, just sneak into my cubicle and shoot me. -

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