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2008-10-09 - Walt Disney World
We packed up the Family Truckster and headed to Florida for a week in Wally World. We had a Fantasmic time!

2008-10-02 - USS Intrepid
I went with my dad to the re-docking of the USS Intrepid in New York. Former crewmembers rode on the ship, while a parade followed them to Pier 86. Dad served from 1957 to 1959.

2008-09-20 - Alan turns Forty
The world celebrates having Alan around for four decades.

2008-06-01 - Foong's Broken Leg
Foong broke her leg while riding a bicycle, so we spent the next several weeks recovering.

2008-03-21 - 500 Caches in 500 Days
I found 500 geocaches in just under 500 days.

2008-03-13 - TriLUG Steering Committee
I was elected to the Triangle Linux Users Group steering committee.

2007-10-03 - Our Trip to China
In October, we visited Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

2007-08-25 - New (old) WaveRunner
By being at the right place at the right time, I became the proud owner of a 1993 Yamaha WaveRunner (yes, it still runs). This is one of the two happiest days in a boat owner's life.

2006-11-30 - New job at Tekelec
With the success of the TMIO oven project behind me, it was time to find a new technical challenge. Tekelec has some really fast networking gear that needs some Linux TLC.

2006-11-11 - Geocaching
My two girls and I found our first Geocache. Momma came along for our second one.

2006-09-30 - Private Pilot's Certificate
After a year of lessons, I passed my private pilot "check ride". Now I can travel to any public airport in the country, daytime or night, and I can carry passengers. Who wants to go for a ride?

2005-09-23 - Flying lessons
I had my first flying lesson at the Wings of Carolina flying club.

2004-10-23 - Zoom Zoom
After 13 years of faithful service, I finally retired the Ford Probe, replacing it with a new Mazda 3.

2004-02-02 - New job at TMIO
I started a new job at TMIO, a start-up company that makes "intelligent" appliances. I will be writing embedded software for a touch screen controller on an oven.

2004-01-06 - Multitasking on the Cheap
Not every problem requires an RTOS solution. See my article in the February 2004 issue of Dr Dobb's Journal.

2003-08-11 - Flying with Daryl
Dave introduced me to his college buddy who had flown into town in his private plane, a two-seater aerobatic trainer. We took turns in the "best friend" seat while Captain Daryl took us on a tour of the skies.

2003-03-20 - Layoff at Sony Ericsson
Over 100 people were laid off from Sony Ericsson's office in Research Triangle Park, NC. I was one of them, so I will soon be looking for a new job as an embedded software engineer. See my résumé.

2002-11-23 - Sydney's birthday
Our baby girl joined us on November 23rd. She weighed 8 pounds and 6 ounces. Mother and baby are both doing fine. See Sydney's web page for more pictures.

2002-10-31 - New Home
As the final step in our repatriation, we moved into a new house.

2002-06-20 - We're back in the USA
After a year and a half in Singapore, we have returned to North Carolina. We had a great time, and we're sad to leave the tropical island city. But at the same time, we're happy to be back with our friends and family.

2002-05-11 - Our Trip to China
In May, we visited Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou.

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