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                                  Alan Porter

NOTES TO RECRUITERS: Please email before calling. Raleigh NC area jobs only.
No calls or emails from off-shore (India) recruiters, please.



Full-stack Linux developer: Web UI, REST servers, databases, open source
packages and stacks, networking, security, all the way down to device drivers.
Cloud deployment: Amazon, OpenNebula, virtualization and docker/containers.
Compiled languages and scripting languages.  Interested in security, usability,
dev-ops and best practices, modern tools and work flows.

Cloud: AWS, Ansible, Terraform and CloudFormation; Javascript: Angular.js
Python: Django and Flask; PHP: Zend/Dojo; Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Mint
Perl, bash, C/C++, Objective-C, MVC, UX, REST, git, subversion, embedded, MySQL,
open source, IPv4 & IPv6 networking, security, openssl SSL/TLS certs, SSH



+ Web Applications

  [Lancope] Developed front-end web UI components using Angular.js with a REST
  back end.  Used gulp, HighMaps and HighCharts libraries and D3.js charts.
  Completed online Angular.js training course.

  [Tekelec] Developed a configuration and management web interface for
  core-of-the-network routers used by all major US cellular carriers.  LAMP
  AJAX application to configure and manage the network, report its status.

+ Dev-Ops, cloud, modern workflows

  [Lancope] Helped engineering migrate to a dev-ops model, transitioned to a
  docker-based build workflow, set up Jenkins continuous integration system.

  [Cisco] Modified cloud deployment scripts to handle dev/test/prod targets.
  Used a combination of Ansible, CloudFormation and bash scripts.

+ Linux Server Software

  [Lancope] Added REST endpoints to Java web back end to support new features:
  dynamic user profile screens, email notifications for new accounts.

  [Lancope] Wrote deployment tools in Python to read pristine OS images, crack
  open their filesystems, stuff in application code and repack them into OVA.

  [A4] Wrote unix-based software to manage scanned hospital documents.

+ Security

  [Lancope] Developed cloud-based network visibility product (beta).  Achieved
  Cisco Security Ninja "White Belt" rank.

  [Tekelec] Modified Tekelec's existing data-mining product to comply with
  rigorous DISA military security standards.

  [TMIO] Performed a thorough security audit of the TMIO product and back-end
  service, ensured that the end-to-end system used best security practices.

+ Embedded Linux

  [TMIO] Developed a custom embedded Linux distribution "from scratch".  It
  contained just 35 open source packages and 2 custom packages, and combined
  into a fully embedded Linux appliance.

  [TMIO] Developed a remastered "Live CD" (based on Knoppix) for use in the TMIO
  Intelligent Oven factory.  It booted into a dedicated application that wrote
  our appliance software onto flash cards.

+ Embedded Systems, Device Drivers

  [TMIO] Created Linux /proc driver for controlling an LCD backlight, block
  driver for a battery-backed RAM device, and a character driver for testing.

  [Ericsson] Created several device drivers for a music feature phone (before
  MP3's): LCD, FM radio tuner, audio amp, keypad, LEDs, I2C memory.

  [Chickway] Wrote embedded C++ software for food factory weigh stations.

+ Usability and Interface Design

  [TMIO] Part of a small team which designed and architected intelligent oven
  products.  Responsible for overall product software design.

  [Ericsson] Designed new keyboard layout for a teenagers' "chat phone".  Acted
  as usability advocate for other application developers.

  [Chickway] Designed the user interface and underlying GUI framework for a
  factory machine that weighed boxes and printed barcoded labels.

  [Sentosa] Designed and developed custom iPhone application to meet client's
  specs. Worked with clients to design screens from scratch, made alternative
  designs for "calendar of wishes", tested usability with unsuspecting friends.

+ Mobile Applications

  [Ericsson] Developed prototype gadgets that were used in usability tests for
  future concepts (camera/phone, video messages, Chinese input techniques).

  [Ericsson] Developed application software for experimental market phones:
  "teen phone" with short range (Bluetooth) radio chat application.

  [Sentosa] Three iPhone applications in the Apple App Store, including
  Three Wishes For A Meaningful Life, pro-bono for an international non-profit.



North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC

+ Master of Computer Science
  Courses of interest: Real Time Systems, Network Security,
  Wireless Communication, Human Computer Interaction.

+ BS in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science Minor



Sep 2016 ~ present : BitSight Technologies, Raleigh NC
   Web front end and back end development on the Boston-based start-up company's
   flagship SaaS offering, a security ratings portal.

Dec 2014 ~ Sep 2016 : Lancope / Cisco, Morrisville NC
   "Start-up" group developed cloud-based security product to provide visibility
   into networks and threats.  After beta, Lancope was acquired by Cisco.

Oct 2006 ~ Dec 2014 : Tekelec / Oracle, Morrisville NC
   Developed web GUI and business logic for 4G/LTE phone protocol router project.
   After project success at Tier 1 carriers, Tekelec was acquired by Oracle.

Feb 2004 ~ Oct 2006 : TMIO, Cary NC
   Developed embedded Linux software for internet-controlled oven for homes.
   Participated in entire lifecycle of start-up company.

Mar 1998 ~ Mar 2003 : Ericsson, Research Triangle Park NC
   Wrote embedded software for mobile devices, some mainstream and some
   experimental.  Created prototypes for usability research tests.

Oct 1996 ~ Dec 1997 : A4 Health Systems, Cary NC
   Wrote Unix-based medical records software.  On-site installation, internal
   and customer training.

May 1994 ~ Oct 1996 : Chickway Systems, High Point NC
   Wrote embedded software for inventory control in food processing factories.



- Sample project source code is available at .
  See pictures, blog posts and much more detail at .

- Active member of the Triangle Linux Users Group. Steering Committee member
  from 2008 to 2013 (Chair during 2009-2011).

- Attended security conferences: CarolinaCon (North Carolina) and Hack In The
  Box (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).  Presented "lock picking" talk at BarCampRDU.

- Two years' study of Mandarin Chinese language.

- Amateur radio operator. Extra class license, callsign KR4JB.

- Private pilot (2006), member of Wings of Carolina flying club, Sanford NC.

- Wrote a Real Time Operating System (RTOS) called "Presto" for Motorola 68HC11
  and Atmel AVR.  Demonstrated its use to Triangle Amateur Robotics club.

- Publication: "Multitasking on the Cheap", Dr Dobb's Journal, February 2004. A
  simple way to implement multiple threads by using a cooperative scheduler.

- Interested in Geocaching and in creating and solving puzzles.
  Puzzles I created: and

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