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April 2020

RT @chrislhayes: Tyranny is the government telling you you can’t go to a hair salon because there’s a plague.

Freedom, on the other hand,…

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Hey @BBT / #truist, if you’re going to close your drive-thru teller window, how about telling us on your web site a… https://t.co/aNle97wteV

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jessicahagy After we defeat the cootie, we solve the climate, right? pic.twitter.com/uBroBcEZhL

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mtobis drawing by @johnfocook gets it right pic.twitter.com/tWDwxbWSIH

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LouiseEditor Word of the Day/Month/Year pic.twitter.com/hiz6vT2RDm

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bessbell Oh man if only we had SOME warning that Donald Trump ultimately bankrupts and destroys everything he runs!!!

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RT @WindsorMann: Trump wants to reopen the country because he cares about the economy more than public health. But he cares about the econo…

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It sure is nice to hear the reassuring voice of a grown-up, for a change. https://t.co/d7oyGMNKPl

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@tannercorse Very interesting! Is there a web page from Morgan Stanley that accompanies this chart? Or is it a stand-alone slide?

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The Stable Genius vs the Brilliant Hidden Genius Enemy

It would be bad enough if they actually were opposing force… https://t.co/zMkhVFwheb

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@Amy_Siskind It was my understanding that the president does not have the authority to lock down the country. That… https://t.co/ROFmjq5OQN

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Interesting idea - https://t.co/K3pVlKJV9U - shop for books online, but support your local bookshop in the process.… https://t.co/HJNWIBCzUy

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My phone’s weather app told me the @NWS has issued a “Red Flag Warning” for my area. I had to dig into the details… https://t.co/r5eHPlUIDf

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Who else remembers when @WXII channel 12 news used the song “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams as their theme song?… https://t.co/C0XFROZBKr

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@jetjocko They’re in Jared’s warehouse, not in YOUR warehouse.

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Had a woodpecker on my roof this morning, tapping at the metal chimney cover to attract a mate. I knew exactly how… https://t.co/64yd2eduxi

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nyangosling okay so i gotta say it: Cary did a good job putting these up pic.twitter.com/iqUmFTv5NI

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Am I imagining things, or didn’t browsers used to block auto-play on videos? It seems recently that every web site… https://t.co/9JKgtCUQ47

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