I attended NC State University twice: 1986 – 1991 and 1997 – 2000. At that time, the library was no-nonsense, spartan and downright dull. I tried not to spend much time there.

Today, we were in that area of town, so I decided to show the kids around the campus. I knew they’d enjoy the view from the 9th floor, so we went to the library.

Wow… to say that they have renovated it would be an understatement. It looks nothing like the library that I knew.

Take a look for yourself.

Computer kiosks

Tasteful decorations

Large-Screen Video Games

Computer Cabanas

Comfy study areas

The Conservatory

The Gallery

The Creamery – an ice cream shop

Amazing… I think this sort of visual stimulation helps the mind work better, and I am happy to see the library’s new look. Go, Wolfpack!