For the last year or so, I have given up on using an actual email client like Thunderbird, and instead I simply use the web mail interface to my email, a package called “RoundCube”.

But lately, I have noticed that the cursor tends to disappear from the text edit box where I am composing new emails. This drives me crazy! It’s OK when I am cranking out new text, but as soon as I have to back up and edit anything, I find that I am lost.

I poked around the web a little bit, and I found this suggestion from over ten years ago. It has to do with the CSS of the page that is being rendered. Apparently, Mozilla Firefox has had a problem rendering scrolling text boxes for a long time.

I already use a plug-in called “Stylus”, which allows me to inject a little bit of custom CSS on pages that match a certain criteria. So I added a Stylus rule like this that applies to my web mail domain.

#composebody { overflow: hidden; }

I’ll give it a try, and see if the problem goes away.