This is crazy.

I was trying to make an LVM snapshot of my home directory, and I kept getting this error:

$ lvcreate -s /dev/vg1/home --name=h2 --size=20G
/dev/mapper/vg1-h2: open failed: No such file or directory
/dev/vg1/h2: not found: device not cleared
Aborting. Failed to wipe snapshot exception store.
Unable to deactivate open vg1-h2 (254:12)
Unable to deactivate failed new LV. Manual intervention required.

I did some Googling around, and I saw a post from a guy at Red Hat that says this error had to do with “namespaces”. And by the way, Google Chrome uses namespaces, too. Followed by the strangest question…

I see:

“Uevent not generated! Calling udev_complete internally to avoid process lock-up.”

in the log. This looks like a problem we’ve discovered recently. See also:

That happens when namespaces are in play. This was also found while using the Chrome web browser (which makes use of the namespaces for sandboxing).

Do you use Chrome web browser?


This makes no sense to me. I am trying to make a disk partition, and my browser is interfering with it?

Sure enough, I exited chrome, and the snapshot worked.

$ lvcreate -s /dev/vg1/home --name=h2 --size=20G
  Logical volume "h2" created

This is just so weird, I figured I should share it here. Maybe it’ll help if someone else runs across this bug.