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So proud of her…


This week, I have been slowly exposing Audrey (age 7) to computer programming. This morning, I showed her a short shell script that blinks the LED’s on our router.

while true ; do
   led white on
   sleep 2
   led white off
   sleep 1

I explained to her how the loop works: LED on, sleep, LED off, sleep, repeat forever. Then I pointed out that I had started it blinking last night, but that it was not blinking this morning.

She told me “you might have a bug”.

I am so proud of her.

Trying out WordPress


As part of my on-going job of maintaining the web page for the Triangle Amateur Robotics Club, I am playing with WordPress. Right now, I am not sure whether I am going to try to maintain a personal blog or not. But I think the club definitely needs one.

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