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DuckDuckGo We are proud to have a profitable business model that doesn’t rely on collecting personal data. 

Our Founder and…lb

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@wunc : have you guys made any recent changes to your transmission antenna? noticing recent weak signal & static…1O

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I have to wonder… When the first guy made the first violin in the 1500s, I’m sure it sounded awful. All…se

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Must be me. I am lucky that way. Fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling and logging in again.

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Is the @wunderground iOS app broken for everyone, or just for me?

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@Ghostery sent me a cheerful email about how well they have implemented GDPR safeguards, because they respect my…r4

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@scottelundgren @owlcity Awesome, thanks for the info. I still can’t see driving 2+ hours and then spending all…o9

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Excited to see @owlcity going on tour in 2018, but disappointed to see the closest show to Raleigh NC is at the…CB

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@flyosity Buy a box of ziplock bags, one cable per baggie, leave a few empties in the drawer.

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I think this means it’s warm in my back yard and cool in my front yard.

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@Sideways440 Thanks! I definitely want to share that one! Thanks for educating us.

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@Sideways440 Am I losing it? I recall a video from you about tension in music, with a short example from Chopin……vh

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@aioxs Today, I created a favicon for my personal web site ( I based it on a parrot…Y7

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@mtdotnet Only stopped by for a T-shirt after a night out at the @ncsymphony. Happy to see the Con thriving, 10…8b

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Just another Saturday in Raleigh, y’all : violin concerto, EDM concert, hacker con, biker chick gala.

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Just realized I forgot to put on my fitbit after my morning shower… I fully expect it to send me an email warning me that I might be dead.

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@YoItsRockhopper wow, you do make a pretty compelling argument

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@SXM_Help I see… I thought it was through the 7th. The login error message did not make the subtle distinction…Uz

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@SIRIUSXM What a tease you are. Radio announcer said we could use the app this week. App is too stupid to…xt

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There goes the neighborhood. Yesterday, in the parking garage at work, I found a couple of chicken feet in the…89

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Woah, @Namecheap iOS app tells me one of my domains expires in 9 days. Checking on my account, it’s renewed…hz

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My bird has two water dishes. The bowl next to his food is always filthy, but the one on the opposite side of the cage is always clean. Hmm.

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