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October 2020

ourstatemag Our modern world is smaller than it used to be. So how far away can you get from people, from society, from…v3

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I’m still having a hard time believing this story. I trust the Guardian, but they may be simply repeating De…qP

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Trump is such a simpleton, he set his Twitter password to “maga2020!”.

The man with the nuclear codes does not…WT

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BriannaWu This is astonishing. Almost every state that’s failing is Republican.

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sparksjls Congratulations to Donald Trump on securing the Taliban’s endorsement.…

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JamusLynch More people have filed for unemployment benefits this year than voted for Donald Trump in 2016.…

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Quote of the night: “thank you, Mr Vice President” (heard many, many, many, oh so many times)

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Pence wants the record to show that she did not answer HIS off-topic court-packing question, while he only asked…SE

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Activated a free-for-a-year Apple TV+ subscription that came with my work laptop. Watching it on a Roku3. So far,…hv

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We were just having this same discussion yesterday after watching the semi-live IBMA “World of Bluegrass”…9b

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IBMA @IntlBluegrass festival perseveres! In 2015, we all moved indoors to avoid a hurricane. This year, we’re…qU

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