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May 2014

Tonight was Momma’s turn to pick a movie, and she picked a documentary. Harumph.

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@macguitar Obviously, his name is 7, and it’s his cab.

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Reversed the logic on my garage door monitor. Now the magnet activates the sensor when the door is CLOSED.

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@pwbrewer or give up the web entirely… it’s a fad, anyway

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harrisj Of course, Memorial Day is also the traditional day that the print New York Times switches to a looser, more breathable “summer kerning”

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Turning off “Google Now” menu bar… go to “chrome://flags/” in Chrome, uncheck Google Now notifications support, ugh…

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@pwbrewer Are you projecting on me again? If so, start doing something a little more fun, you nerd!

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luketadams The best way to honor our injured and fallen troops is to do everything in our power to make sure that there are less of them in the future.

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Bummer… apparently, fail2ban does not yet support IPv6.

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Found the elusive misplaced FitBit. Battery still alive, so I roamed the house, syncing & setting alarms until it appeared in a coat pocket.

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Love the new @wunderground app… too bad the forecast is always 10°F too high.

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My dream last night: I was on an @Oracle employee shuttle bus, got a seat next to Larry Ellison, tried/failed to take a selfie to prove it.

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@SalemElementary Red bus just left at 4:43? And classes let out at 3:45? Why?

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I used to love Perl in 1997, but I have not used it in a long time. I had to today, and I decided that I hate it.

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QOTD: The bar for being above average in IT is so low that you have to be careful not to trip over it while walking to the coffee pot.

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Wow, that little cat nap turned into a three-hour slumber!

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Overheard in our house, starting today, for the next 107 days: “Can we go to the pool?”

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D2 and I get an unexpected breakfast date because of a canceled music class and a traffic accident near our neighborhood.

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ginnyhendry Programming is like writing a book except if you miss out a single comma on page 126 the whole thing is nonsense.

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@OldCrank Maybe you would prefer a CarolinaCon shot glass?

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Actually, *MY* co-workers will need it explained to them, but I can still feel the envy of the co-workers in the office of my imagination.

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Drinking coffee from my new CocoaConf mug. Not sure it tastes any better, but I can just feel the envy of my co-workers.

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We had to say goodbye to another hermit crab this weekend. Barney was a good crab. He never pinched ME, at least.

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Met a guy “Cameron” who works in “marketing” (MLM). Marking my calendar for his unsolicited follow-up call. I’m guessing 2 weeks from today.

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Uploading a video to my web server. Using my DSL line at home, it took 2h46m. Using my cell phone’s LTE connection… 5m15s.

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I closed all of the windows and the rain stopped.

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Hot in the house, so I opened the windows. Not 5 minutes later, it started raining. Guess I’ll sit inside and sweat.

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Note to self… to rip a CD to MP3 on Ubuntu, you have to install “ubuntu-restricted-extras” first. Twitter remembers these things.

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Cool, I just discovered “apt-get changelog <packagename>”.

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When I finish reading a good book, I give it to my local library (which is good, since many of them belong to the library to begin with).

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.@romanmars @SuperFlange Well, actually, it’s not Roman… it’s his boys, Mazlo and Carver.

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Wow, I did not realize that all I had to do was print “Please wait while the page loads…” and I could take as long as I wanted.

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I would think that “nonfiction” deserves a less comparative word of it’s own. Same for “unsweet” tea.

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This tree arches over the creek near our neighborhood.

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@GrizzlyGuru I saw that irony too. Twitter is s’posed to be social. But should my “to do” app tell all of my friends that I need a hair cut?

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I’ll be glad when apps get over this ‘social’ phase and I can go back to being ‘anti-social’.

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@jdriscoll just an accept-vs-except gag… is that exceptable?

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@Sync I gave up waiting on for Linux… so now I am using BitTorrent Sync… no cloud, just my own machines.

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@jdriscoll I take acception to that!

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I am suffering from “too much credibility” at work. I make an off-the-cuff comment, others interpret that as “the plan” & seek my approval.

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nivex Clearly he meant 2001:4860:4860::8888

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Any process that requires two people to work on it actually takes THREE steps: (1) A’s work, (2) the handoff, (3) B’s work.

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@m_thain_xbnr Welcome! Twitter is all about who you follow & choose to be exposed to. It’s not just what I had for breakfast (banana).

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It’s fun to listen to the kids at the bus stop talking junk about their teachers. I can only imagine what the teachers talk about!

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