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July 2020

I should add the word “kindly” to my spam filter. Americans never use that word. People in other countries use…2z

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@ApexHighSchool Also note that traffic is going to be a mess because of the Vice President’s visit to Thales in Apex.

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Successfully explained to my art-school-bound kid who hates science and math, how wifi frequency hopping works.…IY

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Lots of web sites are asking me to turn off my ad-blocker. It must be working! If they were just showing me ads,…KT

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@IAmJohnAles As a practical aside… you might want to go to your keyboard preferences and create a shortcut like “…5c

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$18? Sign me up!

I just pre-ordered my copy of “The 99% Invisible City: A Field Guide to the Hidden World of…8J

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Walking on “large bubble” bubble wrap with bare feet… exquisite!

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IAmJohnAles Good news!
You have a BILLION dollars. Cash. Taxes paid.
(Big day at the tracks.)

But the world is ending in…CR

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itsJeffTiedrich mass infections. rising deaths. rioting in the streets. the economy in tatters. racists rampant. cops killing…ab

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@Chef_Lu_Bu @jenncutter A will is not that hard to prepare. I found a template online, read it, understood it,…NS

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So, @instagram, which part about “do not access my contacts” did you not understand? I assume I allowed access…TI

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That’s roughly 44%!
(AHS had 2158 students last year).…

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ThatZachWilson “Well son, it was July of 2020 that we really just gave up.”

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Remember when we used to worry about stuff like recycling and vaping and texting while driving?

Now I worry that…I0

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Achievement unlocked - spotted NEOWISE: dim, distinct tail. And ISS for bonus points.

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They talk about how @RobinhoodApp makes investing like a game. The game is hide-and-seek.

They never show you…C5

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Reminder: today is the extended deadline for filing federal taxes. Makes checks payable to “USA c/o Jared”.

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That’s 20% of the expected 162,000 students, opting for online school for the fall semester.…

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Now the plan changes reporting to HHS… starting immediately… with no warning or continuity plan. All very…FS

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Faced with exploding COVID statistics that highlight his inaction and ineptitude, Trump does what he does best —…Rt

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I want to know how @WCPSS’s “blended learning” plan, dividing kids into three “tracks” or “cohorts”, each taking…DY

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Since death and debilitating whole-body disease are not enough of a deterrent for some people…

I’ve often…u3

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. ⁦@Twitter⁩ Do you think this layout makes it way too easy to select the choice you did not intend?

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Don’t be fooled by the graphs. In March, CV spread fast in major cities. Apr-May looks “less”, but still spreading,…Y2

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Schools pretend like CV will go away by August, Trump hopes by November. Nope. More like 2022.

Until we take…ir

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RVAT2020 New ad: “Has Your Party Left You?”

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NYT: Refusing to wear a mask is no more a “personal choice” than is drinking all evening and then stumbling into…gb

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