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September 2010

daveslounge Yes! Internet Censorship Bill is Delayed, For Now. http://bit.ly/avGejJ #coica #fb

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@GadgeTweets How’d you find out about the #HSIS results? Their web site shows nothing, and no tweets in 200+ days.

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Ooh, a package! From Hong Kong! From … DEAL EXTREME!

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Just now figuring out that the “TED” Chris Anderson is not the same guy as the “Long Tail” Chris Anderson.

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Of course, as the old story goes… knowing WHICH three lines of code to change is the key!

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Hmph, looks like my project for this week (add IPv6 support) has boiled down to thee 1-line code changes.

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qthrul “It’s bad civic hygiene to build technologies that could someday be used to facilitate a police state.” http://bit.ly/bSurHw

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Somebody at work keeps printing 8x17” documents - the printer just waits for that size paper, too dumb to skip it & print other jobs. #fail

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@Tweetingkat I said the same thing on my 42nd birthday.

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I already use aliases to filter email and Google Voice to filter phone calls. I wonder if/when I’ll need something similar for Twitter.

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netik Prominent Internet Engineers sign on to fight the COICA act. http://t.co/LlAtF1h

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@carleemallard Awesome job on PKN… thoughts from those 14 speakers will be stirring in my head for a long while.

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Uh oh, somebody “fixed the glitch” at work. No, not THAT glitch… the drink machine no longer gives 10¢ too much change.

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Man, all of this self-congratulatory back-patting from co-workers is making my back sore.

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shawnp0wers Sometimes I make up words that are so phirschalt, they seem real!

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gwenshap Java is to JavaScript as ham is to hamster.

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@nprnews So you’ll be down to your NORMAL level of duplicate headlines?

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Apparently, while chasing the @ncnearspace balloon, I picked up several bug bites… I’ve been scratchin’ all day!

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Just got 2 tweets in a row mentioning “Kennedy Center” - @TMBG at KC in Washingon DC, and @NASA space shuttle news at KC in Florida #weird

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fromagefacile Tuesday is the new Monday. Unfortunately, Monday is also still the old Monday.

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rathergood I am totally going to launch paper planes from the edge of space! http://projectspaceplane…

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New blog post from me: “High-Altitude Balloon Launch (NSL-3)” | http://blog.alanporter.c…

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Quote of the day: “It’s so much easier doing celestial navigation at sea
level. ☹” ⇦ calculating @ncnearspace altitude via moonset photo

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. @frijole’s gonna party like it’s 19999!

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@RobertFischer Sure, if you’re not too picky about the DIRECTION of the momentum and focus!

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RT @alandipert: “For the homebuilt submarine enthusiast, this is what it’s all about.” http://bit.ly/cic6sv

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Post-recovery @ncnearspace lunch in Warrenton NC.

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Equipment looks OK, pictures recovered, some question about max altitude.

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Setting up a temporary balloon tracking center at the Louisburg McD.

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BrentSpiner “The recession is over!”. That sort of reminds me of when Bush said, “Victory in Iraq!”.

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@mikbre A friend of mine built a home-brew steadicam with a normal camera mount, but I imagine an iPhone mount would be tougher.

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My kids have some play-doh that matches our counter top exactly! http://twitpic.com/2rzhna

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I’m not lazy… my Saturday mornings are therapeutic.

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GPS, the world’s most accurate clock, reports the current time as “Sun Sep 25 00:20:06 2010” - um… Sunday is the 26th

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NPRPictureShow Freaky Fruits And Other Food MRIs http://n.pr/bma8iW

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TechShopRDU The @ncnearspace team will be launching another space balloon on Sunday morning. Join them at 8am at Horseshoe Farm Park north of Raleigh!

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hotdogsladies This toot is only to be read by the user to whom it was addressed. If that’s not you, then, something something fake law.

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alandipert goat-time with wind, pole, dragon inter help? http://bit.ly/cZ2bEz

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shawnp0wers Dear person with an open “linksys” router, thank you for the free bandwidth, but I’m using a VPN because I don’t trust you. :) #paranoid

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Just attended the last preparation meeting for the @ncnearspace balloon launch, coming up this Sunday 9/26.

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@frijole Makes sense… and to shut down, you press “start”.

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Full moon + autumnal equinox = awesome!

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@pwbrewer That’s why I did not ask YOU to do it.

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@pwbrewer I already wrote the python script… now we need a LIVE PERSON to pass along status info while we’re drivin’ in the boonies!

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chuck_kesler WOW!!! RT @bethbeck: http://twitpic.com/2qw4sh - Photo credit: Larry Tanner, USA

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@astrohacklab I’ve been doing that a lot this week, too!

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Lookiing for someone to play “mission control” for 9/26 @ncnearspace balloon launch: sit at PC, relay tweets/SMS to chase team, etc. DM me.

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@bobbyllew BTW, if you limit your tweets to 126 chars (leaving 14), your followers can retweet w/o having to trim your content.

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Cool, I just read some C code that wrote an infinite loop like this -> while (42) {…}

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THAT’s a first… a guy just called me and asked if I wanted to buy his airplane!! [ must - resist - temptation ]

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William Gibson at Duke http://j.mp/bZoNAP Created Cyberpunk & Steampunk genres. (via @pwbrewer)

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This is what the answer to life, the universe, and everything looks like. http://twitpic.com/2qmaro

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Working on a couple of scripts to capture data from the 9/26 @ncnearspace balloon, Google-map it, and email it to followers!

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Every time I hear “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga, I think it sounds like “proper Nazi”… I bet @alyankovic could make that work. ♫

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Watching a clip from The Jetsons on YouTube. Funny how it can be both futuristic and retro at the same time!

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@alanjporter Do you have a WIKI for the book? For discussing tips & tricks?

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@alanjporter At one point, they DO say “wiki wiki wiki … shut up!”

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@alanjporter I thought about your book yesterday. Playing “Jam On It” by Newcleus (1984) for my kids. They sing “wiki wiki wiki”!

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@CaliLewis That explains his crazy hair!

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@jjx Sure beats the alternative (at least you have customers).

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Digeratii I just cracked software from an indie developer and denied him the revenue he needs to support his family! #talklikeapirateday

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wilw Frakking awesome: @therealstanlee says video games should have 1st amendment protections, and why: http://bit.ly/cwPwIU

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Sad… no one bought me tickets to the Lady Gaga concert in Raleigh tonight.

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@nelson That says more about you than it does about Amex.

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New personalized license plate ordered… secret should be revealed in a few weeks.

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Taking notes on paper, archiving them using the iphone camera… makes me feel like James Bond. #spycamera

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doctorow Just added “ tcr.tynt.com” to /etc/hosts to disable copy-paste hijacking from wired.com etc. Satisfying! http://tinyurl.com/2fy6u…

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Dang… library closes at 6 pm on Fridays… seems to be my favorite day to try to pick up a book after work. Must remember that.

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@mikbre I can understand being a fanboi and all, but why the hate?

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RobLaughter Best #SparkCon presentation of the night so far came from @tweetingkat. Thanks :)

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Cool! Just learned that my friend Brad & his company were visited by Bob Cringely’s startup tour bus today!

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#SPARKcon > “Everything around you is part of a game.” \ I am going to Touva!

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Apparently, nerds are welcome, although not specifically invited, to “Pecha Kucha night” at #SparkCon.

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trelvix Hey, Dude who flips me off for honking at him in the parking lot, your groceries are on top of your car.

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@nivex Creepy, indeed. Got any picks for the Lotto?

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This new tax reporting requirement (notice 2010-51) is unworkable. Maybe they should just print 1099 forms directly on all $100 bills.

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Cool, @dropbox is not just for desktops! I just added it to a headless server, too! (invitation here -> http://db.tt/u4NTTJd)

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@Indie3 OK, I have to say it… “Face of Jesus In My Soup” by Avi Paul Weinstein is friggin’ awesome. Thanks for featuring it in show #8.

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@twisst y’know, I’d rather not hear about “great” ISS passes at <45° elevation - would be nice if I could filter, or if the tweet told elev

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@SecretHQTweets …or maybe he could cough up a hairball as he pops up out of the drain.

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linklamont Isn’t it comforting to know that a smile is only a loud fart away?

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@jjx You should tunnel out from behind the hotel gateway. OpenVPN or SSH to the rescue?

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Conflicted geek — tonight, @durhammakespace or @ncnearspace ??

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shawnp0wers New Blog Post: Remember When We Killed That Bum? http://bit.ly/9muvGD

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@rangerroy01 Thanks for sharing that with us… next time, post meeting minutes and a twitpic photo of you sleeping.

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Cool, somebody just used my @Linode referral code (http://bit.ly/17oh2O) and earned me a $20 credit. Thanks, whoever you are!

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Read an article on designer/programmers. Lots of advice for D’s to learn programming. Where can P’s learn design methods, tips & tools?

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@bobbyllew It only seems 1970’s to you because you were their age in the 1970’s.

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Wow, this soup is caustic!

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gaberivera I keep adding to Instapaper, but never reading. Instapaper is now merely a catalogue of things I wish I had time to read.

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@doctorow Type the 10-digit PIN in the open Google Search bar, then cut-n-paste it into the hidden field. OR - complain about #CoOp online!

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edvancise Conversation with my 5 yr old - Patrick: Really? Me: Yup. Patrick: Wow, give me your phone. I need to tweet that!

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@NCSUCPE I get lots of mentions from my CP fans… and then I have to disappoint them by responding. :-) #nerd

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. @robertryals, your productivity just took a nose-dive!

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How about some really invasive and unnecessary code changes, right before the official build?

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Jaku If you type your password in a tweet, twitters security controls will shield it. Look, **********

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@Sheamus Remember, morning for you is EARLY morning for east coast US, so be gentle. I have not had my coffee yet,

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@Snubs A decade or two ago, that statement (CW, white noise) would be referring to ham radio interference. Ironic, considering your surname.

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Wow, first time I’ve gotten home from a @TriLUG meeting so soon (had to get D1 back in bed, it’s a school night).

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trilug You know it’s time… shut down the computer and get out before Lumbergh sees you. We’re all headed to the TriLUG meeting at 7pm!

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Sweet! “They Might Be Giants”, the 80’s alternative rock band that now makes cool educational songs/videos, is now on Twitter at @tmbg.

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GadgeTweets Come out to @trilug tonight to hear about the balloon adventures of @ncnearspace !

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No, I *can’t* make a delivery schedule for your software feature which only has a name, but no description or requirements.

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. @mtdotnet is glad he lives in America, where even men of the cloth have the right to be ignorant, insensitive jackasses.

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I wonder what some people think when I “fave” their tweets… I use the star as a temporary bookmark meaning “look at later”.

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@rockhopper Some cosmetics company just started following me, in response to my “people make up their own rules” comment. Hah!

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I hate it when people make up their own traffic right-of-way rules, just to “be nice”.

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@motersho Tweeting about the trip! Their (4th grade) class is really embracing new technology.

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Daughter is on a school field trip, teacher is tweeting. #awesome

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trilug Reminder - meeting Thu night - Come hear about the amateur balloon launch that took pictures from near-space! http://trilug.org

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trilug 53 hours and counting - TriLUG meeting on 9/9. “High Altitude Balloon Flights to Near Space” or “how geeks take space pictures on the cheap”

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Wow, it’s as if Pandora knows just the kind of music I like! Oh wait, it does.

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gnat Deciding to call bullshit the next time someone uses the phrase ‘digital native’. I’m not a digital native, I’m an analog expat.

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Kids are watching a cartoon - dinosaurs… on a train… singing a song… about poop!

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Which one of my neighbors thought it was a good idea to mow the grass at 7am on Labor Day? Oh wait, it’s 9am. But still.

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@frijole My 7yo answers “Boston” for any song. She gets that from my wife. #tonedeaf

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@frijole Teaching my kids: load ipod w/ classic rock, press shuffle, let them name the bands. Got stuck on Van Halen. “Diamond Dave” helped!

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On iTunes on a Mac, why does the green (+) button make it really SMALL?

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Sucking on a candy cane, left over from… well, you know…

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@ams199 IS2010 - Tell us what we can expect! What’s the inside scoop?

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NASA_Hubble Time lapse video of the earth! Check out the night lights and aurorae. http://ow.ly/2yAC8

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Hunting down a memory leak… in PHP code!

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Trying new Twitter clients (b/c today is OAuth day). So, Gwibber, why do you keep snapping up to the top while I am reading?

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@frijole Funny that the “no TV” article was from a woman in Singapore. I also gave up TV when I lived there. SG TV sucks.

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