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February 2020

FiloSottile, the SSH server that knows who you are, got some newly refreshed intel! Try it out!


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Decompressing after three days at Scor! strings music camp. There, I learned how to play the wrong notes at the…1e

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@Dictionarycom This not a notification. This is a “widget”. It appears in the screen that’s to the left of the “…MB

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We missed the Antares / Cygnus launch, which was supposed to be visible from way out here in Raleigh. I set my…zI

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An money management idea for phone banking apps: let me “tag” each transaction with a word or even ✅/❌ marks, so…co

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Helios_2020 HELIOS-1 HAS DONE IT!!! After traveling over 31,700 kilometers Helios-1 had securely completed its first…1Q

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I would be much more likely to use the @Dictionarycom “word of the day” iPhone widget if it simply showed the…bU

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Today I learned that some local high school kids are sending a helium balloon around the world! 🎈🌍 They launched…Wy

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Later I learned that 50m15s was my “gun time”. Since I started at the back of the pack, I didn’t actually cross…13

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I figured I’d run out to the store for a box of doughnuts. (casual runner, 50m15s time)…Du

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