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August 9th, 2010

When we lived in Singapore, the trash men came EVERY DAY.

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When I was a kid, I had to take the trash out on Monday nights, and I would earn 50¢. Today, same job, same night, less pay.

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$BOSS reminds us to fill out time sheets. I usually let them pile up for 3 months. (Now, where’s those new TPS cover sheets?)

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dtunkelang There’s a serious proof out there that P != NP and it’s not a trending topic? Pending review, but still… http://bit.ly/9x205p

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@TheSerafin10 <Jedi hand wave> I’m not the penguin you’re looking for.

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Uh oh… a kink in the data cable at work… the ZERO’s won’t fit through any more, only the ONE’s are making it through!

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@deviantollam Now might be a good time to mention the title of your book.

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Fire alarm at work!

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