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August 27th, 2010

10 stars, started on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse http://is.gd/eHD5L (via @danlondon) Every time I see PW, I think of @AlStrowger. No, reverse that.

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@pwbrewer Following, and hoping for free tickets (they have drawings), but otherwise just playing “what if” at home.

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Since @NatalieMerchant is coming to @DPAC, I played a YouTube video for my 9yo daughter. Asked who, she said “that Natalie woman??”

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Mmm, fresh (red) blueberries on top of home-made cheesecake. Sorry, did not think to take a pic, *burp*.

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Woo hoo… pay day (for my kids) results in a “Where’s George”!

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Self-fulfilling prophecy: N.C man killed waiting for ‘ghost train’ - http://bit.ly/dAvSjc

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BadAstronomer You can’t sue to stop the LHC if a) it’s not in the US, b) there’s no threat, and c) you don’t understand physics. http://is.gd/eHdng

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NC State Senator [David Hoyle] Admits Broadband Companies Wrote His Bill - http://bit.ly/bl4PuW (via @MikeAdamsNC)

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How Skype & Co. get around firewalls - http://bit.ly/b7QDuS - old (2006) article, but still good

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BadAstronomer Bad Universe giveaway: book, TV show swag, a real meteorite! Retweet to enter. Rules: http://is.gd/eDbwy #BadUniverse

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