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August 19th, 2010

A father’s job has no limits… tonight, it includes preparing for an early morning funeral for our hermit crab, Boo.

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@frijole They’re trying to avoid the cyclists on the sidewalk!

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frijole Bumper sticker: “I love my country but I fear my government.” Liberal leftover from the W era, or a Tea Partier?

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@danlondon Yeah, I know… I occasionally take my 2 kids to Malaysia… that’s a LONG flight.

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jonrog1 It occurs to me I really only sign into Facebook to change my privacy settings.

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@danlondon You can watch TV on the ground! You should be looking out the window with your son! (in the air = awesome)

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@mikbre mile : kilometer :: old and busted : OLD hotness

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Going after @wikileaks is like punishing the wall for the acts of a vandal.

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RT @wilw “I’ll say it again: DRM and content restriction only punishes honest people, and does nothing to stop piracy…”

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Truecrypt is being a hassle this morning… won’t mount my thumb drive in “slot 1”. Command line to the rescue!

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