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August 10th, 2010

trilug TriLUG meeting, this Thursday 8/12 “Getting Started with IPv6 “… because 32-bit addresses are for wimps! - http://trilug.org

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nerdliness Expense report time! The grown-up version of macaroni art: I tape some shit to a piece of paper and hand it to ppl in power for approval.

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Our build tools at $WORK are minefield of home-brewed scripts and manual work-arounds. Some require root. #fail

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@Sheamus That’s the wingman’s job, right after he hides your pr0n collection.

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What a hack! Running a GSM base station on a CDMA Droid - http://www.tombom.co.uk/…

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wilw pardon the brain matter, my mind is blown: http://bit.ly/cRGDB0

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