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August 30th, 2010

likes nothing on ♥.

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@NickFury very nice, and I learned something about the Mac (that it has a compatibility thingie for old powerpc apps)… now to clean my HD!

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A new level of intimacy… wife and I now have *shared calendars* !

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trianglehackers A Cool, FREE Processing and Arduino course from @oreillymedia and @creativeLIVE starts this week! - http://bit.ly/learnardui…

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DSL line was down all PM, tinkered a bit, called AT&T, tinkered more while on hold, guy answers, then it starts working, “uh, never mind”.

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mikbre Going to work and using Windows XP is like working in an automotive factory with rusty tools.

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Oatmeal This is how I feel about buying apps http://bit.ly/bGhvrl

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@NickFury “Rosetta” was what I meant when I said “weird pre-reqs or run-time env’s”. But I will look at it and possibly deem it “not weird”.

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Last night, I had a weird dream. I had an iPad. The browser UI sucked, it kept 3D-rotating my web view, couldn’t read it, finally gave up.

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Seeking recommendations for a simple Mac OSX “disk pie chart” program, prefer free, and w/o weird pre-reqs or run-time env’s.

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The requirements shall be written such that the reader, when forced to read them, will fall asleep in his chair.

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Another local (Greenville NC) balloon enthusiast with great photos, visualization maps, stitched panoramas! http://www.ryanbutcher.c…

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@ryanbutcher Saw your spot on WITN. Local group in Raleigh did 2 launches on 8/22, great photos. Come hear them talk, http://trilug.org

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NatalieMerchant Free tonight in Durham? Retweet before 4, and you could be front row watching Natalie! #NatalieMerchantNC

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@motersho Just insert an Ubuntu CD and type ctrl-alt-del, and you’ll stop having that problem.

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Just saw that Darius Rucker (“Hootie”) will be at the NC State Fair this year. Too bad it’s in Dorton Arena, acoustics like an indoor pool.

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ncnearspace Our first capsule that was lost was found yesterday! We opened it tonight and found great pictures. See http://bit.ly/d0UND8

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