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August 29th, 2010

jdanforth Success!! The NC Space Blimp #1 worked and returned stellar imagery! http://yfrog.com/bdatzj

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I am a ham radio operator, but I refer to others by their names and not by their callsigns, either over the air or in person.

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@jbroome Found some neat mini-sized pens on JetPens. And just when I think I am getting weird, I run into penaddict.com :-)

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@jbroome Yep, bought a few this week… one 1.4mm ball writes like a crayon! Smooth ride, but kinda gloppy.

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Pilot G-2 pens: ultra-fine=0.35mm, extra-fine=0.5mm, fine=0.7mm | Burger King drinks: S=22oz, M=32oz, L=42oz | Me: 0.7mm≠fine, 22oz≠small!

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