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August 11th, 2010

@LinuxBlog Ooh, this looks like the problem: <blockquote><p>sshfs <user>@<host>: <mountpoint></p></blockquote>

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Spent way too long battling the GIMP*… obviously, it is much smarter than I am… I should learn more. (* like photoshop, but FREE)

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@LinuxBlog I think your block quotes are missing some data. I see “sshfs @:” and “fusermount -u” and “sudo umount” w/o users, hosts, dirs

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RT @NASAKennedy “STS-133: R2 was lifted out of its shipping container to begin processing for flight” | NASA uses droids now?

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CaliLewis Want to use a 3D printer? Students and teachers pay attention to this!…

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trilug TriLUG meeting tomorrow night 7pm at Red Hat HQ | “Getting started with IPv6” | [<—THIS SPACE FOR RENT—>]

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@GadgeTweets +1 for the aquarium, +1 for the droid, -1 for twitlonger, +1 for fries and tea

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@pwbrewer I like your brother’s re-tweet about the FBI,…

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@support Why must include JS from 3rd party sites ( Surely, you could use DNS to make scripts local. #noscript

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danariely The password conundrum:

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